25 Crystals for the New Year

25 Crystals for the New Year, Green Witch Living

Another year in the world of witchcraft and magick, means more focus on creating a magical life and what better tool to assist than crystals. Here are 25 crystals to help you ring in the new year and to support your dreams and goals.

May your new year be filled with joy, prosperity, health, success, and happiness for you and your family. Happy New Year from The Witch’s Guide!

Creating a Magical New Year with Crystals

1. Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals

Create a grid in the 4 corners of your room to lock in love and high vibes.

2. Desert Rose

For clearing out the cobwebs in your head and to discover your truth. 

3. Black Tourmaline

For holding energetic boundaries and keeping out toxic energies. “Buh bye Karen!”

4. Black Onyx

For protection against the evil eye. 

5. Rhodonite 

For knowing your worth and owning it. 

6. Prehnite

For healing the healer. A green witch favorite! 

7. Petrified Wood

For grounding in the present. Patience my dear!

8. Selenite

For connecting with your spirit guides and aligning with your higher self.

9. Unakite

For mindfulness and tuning into the heartbeat of the earth. 

10. Zebra Jasper 

For breaking bad habits and maintaining balance. 

11. Tiger’s Eye 

For conquering your fears. Time to level up!

12. Smoky Quartz

For understanding your role in the natural world. 

13. Sodalite

For tuning out the chatter and maintaining focus.

14. Rose Quartz

For replacing anger with compassion. To forgive and to trust again.

15. Howlite

For slowing down the overactive mind. Calm it down. Shhhh!

16. Jasper

For support and to keep the worrywart in check.

17. Green Aventurine

For encouraging a healthy flow of emotions. No crazies! 

18. Fluorite

For kicking your negative Nancy attitude to the curb.

19. Emerald

For appreciating the abundance in your life and attracting more of that goodness.

20. Dumortierite

For enjoying the journey, rather than the destination. 

21. Clear Quartz

For manifestation. To power up baby! 

22. Chalcopyrite

For new beginnings and to see the magick in the everyday.

23. Angelite

For carrying the vibration of your guardian angels. 

24. Amethyst

For the seeker. To remember your dreams more vividly.

25. Amazonite 

For the courage of a lion and to boldly speak your truth. 

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25 Crystals for the New Year, Green Witch Living

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