Houseplants for a Magickal Home: A Room-by-Room Guide

Houseplants for a Magickal Home: A Room by Room Guide | Green Witch Living

During the 2020 shelter-in-place orders, houseplant sales nearly doubled while everyone was stuck inside their homes. Even if you live in the city and don’t have outdoor space, it is easy to bring nature indoors by heading to a nursery and becoming a plant parent. If you’re in the broom closet, houseplants may look less suspicious to a prying eye than decorating with crystals.

We all know plants are great to have in your home for purifying the air, but just like the herbs we may use in a spell, houseplants also carry their own kind of magick. Placing them in different rooms can benefit the energy of that space.

Houseplant Magic for Every Room

ENTRYWAY | Spider Plant

In the same way this wispy plant is known to improve the quality of the air, the spider plant is also spiritually cleansing and purifying. With its long wispy blades, the spider plant filters negativity, turning it into positivity! Because of this, the spider plant is great for setting spiritual boundaries and protecting your home.

Place a spider plant in your entryway to keep out unwanted negativity. To charge it, hold it in your hands and visualize a beautifully woven web. Like its namesake, the spider, this plant will capture negativity in its sticky web and allow positivity to pass through its long, green leaves.

LIVING ROOM | Succulents

These are my favorite for houseplant magic since they require minimal care and are slow growers so they are easy to keep in small spaces. These cute little guys bring love and abundance and are ruled by the moon. Decorate the tables and shelves in your living room where family and guests come to sit and relax to increase harmony and love and overall positive vibes. Because they hold onto water inside their leaves, watering them with charged water such as moon water diffuses the positive energy around the space for weeks or even months!

Succulents propagate easily and prolifically by dropping leaves that root in the soil. For this reason, they are a budget-friendly and earth-friendly option. Share them with friends or use the dropped leaves like a seed spell. On the new moon, plant the propagated leaf with the intention of what you want to grow. As it roots and a pup blooms, so will your intention!

KITCHEN | Aloe Vera

Popular medicinally for its soothing juice, Aloe is known as the plant of immortality! Positioned near the kitchen window, Aloe promotes health and longevity. The kitchen is the place where physical and spiritual nourishment takes place. Aloe creates soothing energy for those with whom you share a meal.

In the home, Aloe brings in luck and abundance and has a strong aura of protection. Truly the swiss army knife of houseplant magic!

BEDROOM | Cactus

As their appearance suggests, these prickly desert plants are great for protecting the home. They are said to stop burglars and other intruders, making them perfect for bedroom houseplant magic to protect you while you sleep.

Cacti are ruled by Mars and their juices are said to increase passion, drive, and sexual stamina. If you need to spice things up in the bedroom, try decorating with a few small cactus plants. This, of course, includes self-love sessions!

BATHROOM | Boston Fern

This bushy plant grows abundantly in forests and is a favorite of the fae. If you work with faeries in your craft, having some ferns around your home can help attract them. An obvious choice as a bathroom plant because of its need for high humidity and low light, the Boston Fern brings protection and luck.

Ferns also make a great companion for ritual baths because they symbolize purity, banishing all negativity while you cleanse the psychic debris from your aura. They are connected to beauty and youth because of their association with water, drawing moisture to the skin.

OFFICE | Lucky Bamboo

A staple in Feng Shui, having a lucky bamboo plant is said to do just as the name suggests: bring luck, good fortune, and prosperity. According to Feng Shui practices, a properly placed lucky bamboo changes the chi energy flow of a room. It grows strong yet flexible stalks, representing spiritual growth while maintaining open-mindedness.

If you work from an office, keep a lucky bamboo plant on your desk or in your home office. It is especially helpful to have nearby if you are working toward a goal to help you manifest your dreams and see opportunities from every angle when they come your way.

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Houseplants for a Magickal Home: A Room by Room Guide | Green Witch Living

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