Tarot Tips and Tricks Guide

Tarot Tips and Tricks Guide, Green Witch Living

Need some tarot tips and tricks to get you started or to spice things up? Here you will find some useful tips and tricks, both for tarot newbies and tarot pro’s, sprinkled in this tarot guide.

Tips for a Newbie Practicing Tarot Cards

  • Find a tarot buddy. Everything is easier with a friend, whether online or in person. Look up a tarot community online if you don’t know anyone local to you that is interested. 
  • Keep a journal of your readings. This is probably the most important and useful tip imaginable. It doesn’t have to be pencil to paper if you don’t want it to be. Use a notes app, voice recording with pictures, videos, or whatever comes easiest to you. 
  • If you don’t have a buddy, practice by predicting sports games or world events or anything you can come up with really. You could even ask what the energy and theme is going to be for your favorite show right before a new episode comes on each week. Get creative with it. Just don’t forget to keep track with some sort of journal so you can see your progress!
  • Don’t give up when you get it wrong. WE ALL GET IT WRONG SOMETIMES! Even tarot professionals can have off days. There is so much you can experiment with if you’re having a hard time in the beginning. The atmosphere you’re trying to read in, the deck you’re using, the way you’re shuffling, don’t be afraid to try different things before you give up. And if you’re having a hard time and don’t have a meditation practice, make that first on your list of to-do’s. It’s so helpful.
  • Figure out if you’re the type who’s better at reading for others or yourself. Practice the one you’re better at first, then work on your weakness. Some are naturally great at both, and some aren’t. It doesn’t mean you can’t get great at both eventually. 
  • Try something new and interesting, like conversing with pets through tarot, or tarot mediumship. You never know what your gifts may be unless you try! 

Tips for Storing your Tarot Cards

(Not all of these are necessary to do and optional depending on your personal preferences.)

  • Clear your tarot deck after each use.
  • Clear your tarot deck before each use.
  • Wrap your tarot deck in silk to store it away.
  • Cleanse your deck with sage or mugwort every once in a while.
  • Shuffle them before each use however it’s easiest for you to shuffle or scatter them out in front of you.
  • You can also cut the deck and rearrange it before drawing a card.

When it comes to caring for your tarot deck, do what feels right for you. Wrap them in silk, buy a hemp tarot bag, keep them in the original box, do what feels best! Just don’t throw them down all willy nilly, where they’ll get your morning coffee spilled all over them. It’s also preferable to not lose a card behind your nightstand. 

The people who say you need to cleanse your deck a certain way to have accurate readings are telling you that because THEY need to do that to have accurate readings. Tarot is so personal and it’s different for everyone. Everyone’s experience is valid for them, but it doesn’t necessarily make it valid for you. Find what works for you and and stick with it proudly. 

Tips for Pulling Tarot Cards

When it’s all said and done, don’t be afraid to experiment to find what works for you.

Do you prefer to run your fingers along the deck and pull the card that makes your hand tingle? Do you like to shuffle the deck until you know it feels “just right” without being able to describe what “just right” is?

Just like before, do what feels right for you. That is what will make your readings the most accurate.

Do you pull cards from the top, bottom, or all over? Do you get a warm sensation in your stomach when it’s time to stop shuffling, or a tingle along your back when you’re on the right track?

Everyone’s intuition comes to them in different ways. The fun about the beginning stages of your tarot journey is learning “your way”. 

Random Tarot Reading Tricks

  • Use a deck you love and NO, it does NOT have to be gifted!
  • If you’ve been reading for years and are coming to a point in your practice where you’re getting bored, it’s time to switch things up! Don’t be afraid to find a new deck, or even learn a new craft. New decks, or new divination systems might be just what you need to re-inspire yourself. And if all else fails, take a break. Step away if you need to, because your deck will still be ready and waiting for you when you return. 
  • Don’t be afraid to take your time during a reading. Sometimes it takes a moment when you get thrown a curveball, and that’s okay. It happens to all of us. 
  • Put it away and wait until tomorrow if you don’t know the meaning of a card. Sometimes sleeping on it is even more helpful than pulling a bunch of clarifiers and still being confused.
  • Learn the meanings of each card, and then learn YOUR meanings. We will all have slightly different meanings and interpretations for each card because we are all unique and different people. You will always pull the cards YOU need in order to get the right answer to the question. The cards someone else would have to pull to get the same answer may be different and that’s okay.
  • Building on the last tip – It’s okay to ask for advice as a newbie if you’re stuck, but try to ask multiple people if you can. Go with whoever’s answer feels the best and most true to you. Since you were the one who pulled the cards, it’s you who needs to feel right about the answer. Some people will see things differently from you, and it’s great to get new perspectives! But it’s also okay if you disagree (even with an expert) about what a card you pulled means to you in a reading. 
  • Create a personal connection with the cards by getting to know them on a personal level. Remember, this takes time and patience. Journaling helps too.
  • Get rid of distractions if you have a hard time connecting when there’s a ton of commotion around you. 
  • Use props if it helps, but ditch them if they don’t. Some people need a quiet room, an altar, incense going, and candle light to get them in the right mindset. Others just need a deck and they’re good to go. Listen to what works for you and do it. Expect what you need to change with time and go with the flow.  

Fun Tarot Reading Trick 

When you want to start something new, but you’re not sure what…

Shuffle your deck, then find The Fool. The card before The Fool is what you need to let go of in order to start fresh, and the card after it is advice on what your next adventure could be. 

When you’re not sure how to proceed and need some “Magician” energy…

Shuffle and find The Magician. The card before is what you need to let go of. The card after is what you need to focus on to make your dream a reality. 

When you need to access your intuition and are hitting a block…

Shuffle, then find the High Priestess card. The card before is what you need to eliminate in your life to connect with your subconscious, and the card after is what you need more of in order to access your intuitive gifts. 

If you need to access your leadership abilities, or need to figure out how to properly work with a leader you’re not vibing with

Shuffle your deck, then find The Emperor. The card before is what you need to let go of or banish, and the card after is what you need to work on. This could also be something you need to decide whether or not you’re okay with accepting about your boss if your situation is the latter of the two. 

Do you see the pattern here? You can do this with any of the Major Arcana cards, and even the Minors if you feel like one of those fits your situation better. Have fun with it! 

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Tarot Tips and Tricks Guide, Green Witch Living

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