Tarotscopes for Yule

Tarotscopes for Yule, Green Witch Living

It’s Yule time, witches! Yule Tarot Reading for Each Zodiac Sign Cards pulled from the Modern Witch tarot deck Aries ♈️ | Strength Aries are nothing if not strong, but sometimes we need reminded just like everyone else. (Even if we don’t like to admit it.) So to my fellow Aries- You are strong, you […]

What Tarot Cards Can and Can’t Do

What Tarot Cards Can and Can't Do, Green Witch Living

Is there a limit to the types of questions tarot can answer? The true answer is more complicated than a simple yes or no. Most people familiar with the tarot have heard of ways to rephrase yes or no questions in order to get a better result, but is it always necessary? Sure, there are […]

Using Tarot for Personal Growth

Using Tarot for Personal Growth, Green Witch Living

One of the best ways to use tarot for personal growth is to use it for shadow work. It can be helpful not only to identify your shadow side, but to help you recognize it more frequently in daily life and get to know yourself on a deeper level.  But, what is a shadow side? […]

How to Test Your Tarot Skills

How to Test Your Tarot Skills, Green Witch Living

What good are your tarot skills if they aren’t accurate? Intuition is something everyone has and can refine, but it comes more naturally to some than others. Have you ever worried about your tarot reading accuracy? Don’t feel bad if you have, because that’s completely normal. I’ll show you ways you can test yourself, exercise […]

Tarotscopes for Samhain

Tarotscopes for Samhain, Green Witch Living

It’s that time of year again! The veil is thinning, the leaves are turning, and it’s the best time of year for tarot reading.  So without further ado, here is your 2021 general outlook for each zodiac sign this Samhain! Samhain Tarot Reading for Each Zodiac Sign Cards pulled from the Modern Witch tarot deck […]

Creating Your Samhain Tarot Ritual

Creating Your Samhain Tarot Ritual, Green Witch Living

Samhain is considered the Witch’s New Year, and is a time when the veil between us and the spirit world is very thin. Tarot readings and any intuitive art becomes easier for many of us during this time, as conversing with Spirit and our ancestors seems to come more natural. For this reason, one of […]

Tarot Tips and Tricks Guide

Tarot Tips and Tricks Guide, Green Witch Living

Need some tarot tips and tricks to get you started or to spice things up? Here you will find some useful tips and tricks, both for tarot newbies and tarot pro’s, sprinkled in this tarot guide. Tips for a Newbie Practicing Tarot Cards Tips for Storing your Tarot Cards (Not all of these are necessary to do […]

Oracle Card Guidance for the Holidays

Oracle Card Guidance for the Holidays, Green Witch Living

The holidays are a magical time of year. Between gift giving, changing leaves, family time, holiday music and decor, what’s not to love? But the holidays can also be stressful, due to gift giving, cold weather, family time, the same holiday music over and over, and the stress of making it all perfect.  So how […]

Creative Ways to Use the Tarot (that aren’t traditional divination)

Creative Ways to Use the Tarot, That Aren't Traditional Divination, Green Witch Living

But tarot is only for divining the future, right? Nope, with a little creativity you can use your deck for so much more. Tarot isn’t just for seeing into the future, it’s also great at reading the energies of the present.  How can that be useful though? Tarot for Coaching A common use for tarot […]

Tarotscopes for Imbolc

Tarotscopes for Imbolc, Green Witch Living

Happy Imbolc, witches!  Imbolc Tarot Reading for Each Zodiac Sign Cards pulled from the Modern Love Tarot Aries ♈️  The Tower  Big changes are coming, fellow Aries. They may not be easy, but they will be worth it in the long run. Use your resilience and drive to power through the rough patches, and we’ll […]