Witchy DIYS: Energy Cleansing Room Spray

Witchy DIYS: Energy Cleansing Room Spray, Green Witch Living

In the witchcraft community, we love our smoke cleansing practices. There’s nothing quite like throwing open the windows, calling on your favorite sacred plant, lighting up and watching smoke hazy in the air. The feeling afterward is one of spiritual lightness. But what if you’re in a situation where smoke is not an option? Whether […]

Herbs for Beauty Rituals

Herbs for Beauty Rituals, Green Witch Living

As Within, So Without: Herbs for Beauty Rituals Have you ever thought of your skincare routine as a ritual? Learn how to blend herbs into your beauty regime, raise energetic vibrations with preparations for the skin, herbal baths, tea and oil infusions.  Beauty from the Soul What makes someone beautiful? It is a question I […]

Witchy DIYs: Make Your Own Magical Tea Blends

Witchy DIYS: Make Your Own Magical Tea Blends | Green Witch Living

If you know me at all, you will know I am a huge tea drinker! Rarely am I seen without a cup by my side. I started out as an herbal drinker as a way to enjoy the many health benefits of medicinal herbs and it has since become a sacred morning ritual and a […]

Witchy DIYs: High Vibrational Skincare

Witchy DIYS: High Vibrational Skincare | Green Witch Living

“Vibes” may be a buzzword right now — you might say something has good vibes, bad vibes, or anything in between — but do you know where that comes from? The shortened version of “vibrations” refers to the electrical frequencies that happen all around us that we cannot see. Think of the way you find […]

Witchy DIYs: How to Make Florida Water

How to Make Florida Water | Green Witch Living

If you’ve been in the spiritual community for any amount of time, you have most likely heard of Florida Water. But you may be wondering: what is it? What does it do? Where does it come from? No, it’s not water from the tap of a Florida home in the Southern United States! It’s comical […]

Witchy DIYs: Make Your Own Incense Blends

Witchy DIYS: Make Your Own Incense Blends, Green Witch Living

When I think about incense, I can immediately see the smoke curling upward, spreading outward in waves, distributing the sweet, earthy scent and my mind is immediately calmed. There is a reason it has been used in temples and other places of worship for as far back as we can trace human history. Perhaps there […]