Green Witch Sabbats: The Plants and Herbs of Imbolc

Green Witch Sabbats: The Plants and Herbs of Imbolc | Green Witch Living

Though Imbolc is considered the beginning of spring, in many places there is little life to be seen just yet. We begin to listen for the first bird singing its tune to herald in the springtime as other animals begin to wake from hibernation. And we too, as part of nature, begin to feel our […]

Witchy DIYS: Energy Cleansing Room Spray

Witchy DIYS: Energy Cleansing Room Spray, Green Witch Living

In the witchcraft community, we love our smoke cleansing practices. There’s nothing quite like throwing open the windows, calling on your favorite sacred plant, lighting up and watching smoke hazy in the air. The feeling afterward is one of spiritual lightness. But what if you’re in a situation where smoke is not an option? Whether […]

Green Witch Sabbats: The Plants and Herbs of Beltane

Green Witch Sabbats, The Plants and Herbs of Beltane, Green Witch Living

Beltane, it’s that time of year when flowers are in full bloom, covering trees, forests, and meadows with vibrant pops of color. But fires are just as big of a part of Beltane as flowers, since it is one of the four Celtic fire festivals. Beltane comes from the Gaelic word meaning “lucky fire” or […]

Green Witch Sabbats: The Plants and Herbs of Ostara

Green Witch Sabbats: The Plants and Herbs of Ostara, Green Witch Living

For many gardeners and green witches, the Spring Equinox is the beginning of planting season. All around us, nature is sprouting the first signs of life and early wildflowers are starting to bloom. Even if you live in the city, there may be space for a container garden of your own or a community garden […]

3 Herbs to Use for Mercury Retrograde

3 Herbs for Mercury Retrograde, Green Witch Living

One of the most talked about astrological occurrences is the infamous Mercury Retrograde. When we aren’t grounded we can feel drained, unfocused, and leave ourselves vulnerable to negative, low vibrational energies. Many feel this way during Mercury Retrograde and consequently are easily affected by the moods of others. The stress during mercury retrograde is real. What […]

Herbs for Beauty Rituals

Herbs for Beauty Rituals, Green Witch Living

As Within, So Without: Herbs for Beauty Rituals Have you ever thought of your skincare routine as a ritual? Learn how to blend herbs into your beauty regime, raise energetic vibrations with preparations for the skin, herbal baths, tea and oil infusions.  Beauty from the Soul What makes someone beautiful? It is a question I […]

The Green Witch’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays

The Green Witch's Guide to Surviving the Holidays, Green Witch Living

The winter holidays are often depicted as a time of warmth, joy and camaraderie throughout the world.  While those wonderful feelings are often present during this time of year, so are the realities of stress, tension and rushing around to have everything prepared. Now add on gatherings with family and friends, all of whom have […]

Grounding Tea Recipe for After the Full Moon

GWL After Effects Full Moon Tea Recipe, Green Witch Living

It’s not uncommon to feel drained after a full moon. With all of those intense energies building up, you may find yourself needing a spiritual hiatus. For most of us, we keep going, pushing ahead, and sometimes forget to take care of ourselves.  Here is an herbal tea recipe that is sure to help you […]

Ostara Growth Spell to Manifest Your Goals

Ostara Growth Spell | Green Witch Living

Every year around the Spring Equinox, I tend to start something new, especially creative projects. This was common for me even before I discovered living by the Wheel of the Year. Something in me just comes alive in spring and I become fertile with new ideas. It feels like being reborn, the time when I […]

Sunflower Affirmation Spell for Litha

Sunflower Affirmation Spell for Litha, Green Witch Living

Bringing to mind the long, sunny days of summer with their bright yellow color, sunflowers are a popular and well-loved flower. Odds are you have a memory attached to these cheery blooms. Native to North America, sunflowers can now be found in most countries of the world, valued for their seeds and oil. In magick […]