Oracle Card Guidance for the Holidays

Oracle Card Guidance for the Holidays, Green Witch Living

The holidays are a magical time of year. Between gift giving, changing leaves, family time, holiday music and decor, what’s not to love? But the holidays can also be stressful, due to gift giving, cold weather, family time, the same holiday music over and over, and the stress of making it all perfect.  So how […]

Using Oracle Cards During Tough Times

Using Oracle Cards During Difficult Times, Green Witch Living

Life as humans wouldn’t quite be the same if we didn’t have ups and downs. Sometimes we need to hear blunt and to the point answers from a trusted friend, but other times we just need a hug and someone to listen to our problems. When it comes to the world of divination, tarot is […]

Divination Cards: Tarot vs Oracle vs Lenormand

Divination Cards: Tarot vs Oracle vs Lenormand, Green Witch Living

Interested in getting into divination with cards, but not sure where to start? Whether you want straight forward answers, a deep look into a situation, or a loving message for the week ahead, there’s a deck out there for you. I will go over the most common types of decks so you will be able […]