Witchy DIYS: Energy Cleansing Room Spray

Witchy DIYS: Energy Cleansing Room Spray, Green Witch Living

In the witchcraft community, we love our smoke cleansing practices. There’s nothing quite like throwing open the windows, calling on your favorite sacred plant, lighting up and watching smoke hazy in the air. The feeling afterward is one of spiritual lightness. But what if you’re in a situation where smoke is not an option? Whether […]

Herbs for Beauty Rituals

Herbs for Beauty Rituals, Green Witch Living

As Within, So Without: Herbs for Beauty Rituals Have you ever thought of your skincare routine as a ritual? Learn how to blend herbs into your beauty regime, raise energetic vibrations with preparations for the skin, herbal baths, tea and oil infusions.  Beauty from the Soul What makes someone beautiful? It is a question I […]

Simmer Pot Recipes to Infuse Your Home with Magick

Simmer Pot Recipes: To Infuse Your Home with Magick | Green Witch Living

We’ve all seen the image of witches standing around a bubbling cauldron, chanting while conjuring up a brew. While you wouldn’t find most witches in real life doing this to the same degree, there are some spells that can be done by way of bubbling cauldron. Simmer pots are once such spell. Many people use […]

Abre Camino Oil Recipe: The Road Opener

Abre Camino Oil Recipe: The Road Opener, Green Witch Living

Abre Camino oil is a wonderful spell oil, originating in Latin America, and used extensively in Hoodoo and Santeria. “Abre Camino” literally means “ open way”, and that’s precisely what this oil does. It removes roadblocks, clears blockages, opens doors, and makes new opportunities available to us. It can help us move forward when we find ourselves stuck. Who […]

Lammas Bread Spell: Recipe for Success

Lammas Bread Recipe: Spell for Success, Green Witch Living

In last year’s article, I went through the history of Lughnasadh and how we can celebrate it today. On the modern Neopagan Wheel of the Year, the terms Lughnasadh and Lammas are used interchangeably. But did you know they come from completely different sources? Today, we will be discussing the origins of Lammas and what […]

Vanishing Powder Recipe & Uses: Conceal, Confuse, Confound

Vanishing Powder Recipe & Uses, Green Witch Living

Vanishing powder is an old magical recipe, and goes by many names, including: Confusion Dust, Invisibility Cloak, Instant Darkness Powder, and I know of one practitioner who calls it “Perception Filter”.  How does Vanishing Powder Work? One of the basic principles of magic is the old adage- “As above, so below”. That is, when we make […]

Grounding Tea Recipe for After the Full Moon

GWL After Effects Full Moon Tea Recipe, Green Witch Living

It’s not uncommon to feel drained after a full moon. With all of those intense energies building up, you may find yourself needing a spiritual hiatus. For most of us, we keep going, pushing ahead, and sometimes forget to take care of ourselves.  Here is an herbal tea recipe that is sure to help you […]

How to Make and Use Hot Foot Powder

How to Make and Use Hot Foot Powder | Green Witch Living

Hot Foot powder is an old hoodoo recipe, which derived from African foot-track magic. It is used to make an unwanted person leave an area, or leave the practitioner alone. It is best applied to a place where the target will walk, such as a path, walkway, or threshold, but can also be sprinkled inside […]

The Magick of Snow: Symbolism and Uses

The Magick of Snow: Symbolism and Uses | Green Witch Living

Winter is upon us. The white powdery snow covers the ground and tree limbs. There is a stillness across the land. Just like the woodland creatures lying in their burrows, this is a time to rest and to go within.  For many of us, snow is what makes winter feel like winter. Whether we are […]

Witchy DIYs: Make Your Own Magical Tea Blends

Witchy DIYS: Make Your Own Magical Tea Blends | Green Witch Living

If you know me at all, you will know I am a huge tea drinker! Rarely am I seen without a cup by my side. I started out as an herbal drinker as a way to enjoy the many health benefits of medicinal herbs and it has since become a sacred morning ritual and a […]