How to Write Your Own Witchcraft Spells

How to Write Your Own Witchcraft Spells | Green Witch Living

We’re living in the information age where everything is at your fingertips, including witchcraft spells. Open a book, search the internet, or log into your favorite social media app, and you’re bombarded with choices. It can get overwhelming! Which spell is right for you out of the hundreds of thousands of witchcraft spells out there? […]

Witchcraft 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Freezer Spells

Witchcraft 101: A Beginner's Guide to Freezer Spells | Green Witch Living

Have a co-worker who keeps harassing you and management won’t do anything about it? Or an ex who won’t leave you alone no matter how many times you ask for privacy? Witchcraft can be a helpful addition to solving problems in your life when practical solutions just won’t cut it. As you have probably experienced, […]

Yule Spell Garland for the Winter Solstice

Yule Garland Spell for the Winter Solstice, Green Witch Living

Is there a more quintessential symbol of Christmastime than an evergreen tree with a garland strung around it? The Christmas tree has a rich history that stems from pagan cultures all around the world. Whether indoor or out, nothing turns an evergreen into a Christmas tree better than a garland. With endless possibilities for materials […]

Beauty Magick: Love Spells and Enchantments

Beauty Magick: Love Spells and Enchantments, Green Witch Living

In the magick and witchcraft community, love spells are almost always a source of contention and controversy. For many baby witches, this is the first spell they perform and it usually backfires on them in the end. Even in Hollywood, we see the cautionary tales portraying the dangers of this type of spellwork. But I […]

Beauty Magick: Glamour Rituals for Confidence

Beauty Magick: Glamour Rituals for Confidence, Green Witch Living

I’ve been a writer my whole life, making up stories before I even knew how to put letters together on a page. As a child with a rich imagination, I had a whole cast of characters you might have called “imaginary friends” when I was that age. I have also suffered from social anxiety my […]

Pumpkin Lantern Protection Spell for Samhain

Pumpkin Lantern Protection Spell for Samhain, Green Witch Living

For a couple months up to Halloween, all you have to do is walk into a store and you are confronted with pumpkin everything, jack-o’-lantern themed and pumpkin spice alike! Especially in North America, we seem to have a love for these bright orange winter squashes and automatically associate them with the autumn season. But […]

Petition to the Universe: Fire Spell for Beltane

Petition to the Universe: Fire Spell for Beltane | Green Witch Living

Flowers blooming and trees green with abundance, Beltane is the time around the world when nature comes into fullness. In comparison to the space between the first quarter moon and the full moon, Beltane is a time of growth and fertility, a celebration of life and happiness. This makes it a wonderful time for manifestation […]

Lammas Bread Spell: Recipe for Success

Lammas Bread Recipe: Spell for Success, Green Witch Living

In last year’s article, I went through the history of Lughnasadh and how we can celebrate it today. On the modern Neopagan Wheel of the Year, the terms Lughnasadh and Lammas are used interchangeably. But did you know they come from completely different sources? Today, we will be discussing the origins of Lammas and what […]

Mabon Apple Spell for Banishing

Mabon Apple Spell for Banishing, Green Witch Living

What comes to mind when you think about autumn? Maybe it’s fallen leaves, crisp air, or warm sweaters. But you’d be hard-pressed to think of autumn without thinking of apples! Going to an apple orchard or biting into the sweet, crunchy fruit is quintessentially autumn. Here is a spell you can do with apples for […]

Powerful Home & Property Protection Spell

Powerful Home & Protection Property Spell, Green Witch Living

This is an old-school style hoodoo protection spell, suitable for house and property. This is a popular spell to protect a property from trespassers, people of ill intent, or police. It is also an effective way to “anchor” yourself to your property, to prevent eviction. The use of the iron spikes around the perimeter of the property, […]