Tarotscopes for Yule

Tarotscopes for Yule, Green Witch Living

It’s Yule time, witches! Yule Tarot Reading for Each Zodiac Sign Cards pulled from the Modern Witch tarot deck Aries ♈️ | Strength Aries are nothing if not strong, but sometimes we need reminded just like everyone else. (Even if we don’t like to admit it.) So to my fellow Aries- You are strong, you […]

Yule Spell Garland for the Winter Solstice

Yule Garland Spell for the Winter Solstice, Green Witch Living

Is there a more quintessential symbol of Christmastime than an evergreen tree with a garland strung around it? The Christmas tree has a rich history that stems from pagan cultures all around the world. Whether indoor or out, nothing turns an evergreen into a Christmas tree better than a garland. With endless possibilities for materials […]

7 Ways to Celebrate Yule, The Winter Solstice

7 Ways to Celebrate Yule, Winter Solstice, Green Witch Living

Yule is just one of the many pagan festivals celebrated near the Winter Solstice throughout history. The Winter Solstice may be the darkest point of the year, but Yule is a celebration of light! From the greenery to the gold to the glimmering flames of candles, these are signs of life in the dead of […]